Recurrent Polls

Here we will see how to create a recurrent poll with the Strawpoll bot. Recurrent polls are a way of posting polls at a certain interval.

Recurrent Poll creation

Go to a channel on your discord server and type /recurrent-poll create.
Click on the command, select your options and fill them
To display all options place your cursor at the end of the line

Time option

With this option you can set a timer for the survey to end automatically. To close the survey in 1 day and 6 hours I complete the option like this: 1d6h And a poll will be posted to the channel every 1 days and 6 hours. You can change recurrent polls setting on the dashboard.
Valid formats:
  • 1d6h3m
  • 50h3d
  • 5h
  • 72h2d

Days option

You can choose the days on which your poll will be active. To do this you need to edit an existing recurring poll from the dashboard.
Go to Recurrent polls section on the dashboard. And edit your recurrent poll.
After changes press "Save changes" button.
Last modified 2mo ago