How to change commands permissions?

How do I access Command Permissions?

On desktop, go to Server Settings > Integrations, and select Strawpoll bot from the list. You’ll see a list of commands and ways to control access to them!

How do I restrict who can use commands?

Under Roles and Members you’ll see a list of who currently has permissions to use commands. You can make changes by changing the toggle, just like other permissions, or adding additional roles and members.

How do I turn commands off within specific channels?

We know that servers have different needs, and you may want to restrict commands to certain channels. By default, commands are available in all channels. This means when you add the bot to your server, all members will be able to use any commands.

To restrict access to certain spaces, click Add Channels and select additional channels to customize. Toggle permissions off as desired.

Can I change permissions for a specific command?

You can make changes to individual commands by creating overwrites. Clicking a command in the list will open a popup where you can make changes.

More information on discord article:

Command Permissions can only be changed on desktop, but are applied on all platform

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